Citroën Ami for All: orders are open

The chevron firm is launching the marketing of the Citroën Ami for All, a special version of the electric Ami designed for people with reduced mobility.

On the occasion of the Autonomic Sud exhibition, which is being held on March 20 and 21, 2024 at the MEETT Exhibition Center in Toulouse, the French manufacturer is launching the marketing of the Citroën Ami for All : a model based on the 100% electric Citroën Ami and intended for people with reduced mobility.

A collaboration with the specialist PIMAS

To order the Citroën Ami for All, customers must first order the Ami of their choice on the brand's website, then ask to be accompanied for the transformation of the vehicle. This operation is carried out in collaboration with PIMASa specialist in the fitting out of PRM vehicles.
For a price of €3,600 additional, PIMAS will install in the Ami a pack including the combined mechanical floor accelerator/brake, the 90° door opening, the retractable transfer board, as well as the seat storage device. As an option, it is also possible to order an intuitive steering wheel remote control with centralized controls, a specific leather anti-decubitus cushion, an armrest, a 2 or 3-spoke steering wheel fork, or a reversal of the mechanical accelerator pedal on the floor.
The transformation of the vehicle is carried out in France, while the parts and labor are 2 year guarantee. 24/7 assistance is offered for 2 years with Europ Assistance, and the Citroën Ami for All pack is eligible for the “Disability Compensation Benefit”. It is then possible to take delivery of your vehicle free of charge at a Citroën point of sale, or to the customer's home for an additional charge of €200.

Citroën Ami for All: a model adapted to disabilities

Presented in June 2023, the Citroën Ami for All is suitable for disabled traveling in a wheelchair, and no longer having the use of at least one lower limb. The project comes from the Star*up program, a internal ideas incubator at Stellantis, which allows group employees to submit their most innovative ideas. The selected project, led by Christophe Lapeyre, then participates in the business accelerator, where the ideas then become reality.
Citroën Ami for All aims to offer a turnkey solution for restore autonomy and facilitate travel disabled people, while focusing on an electric and urban vehicle, which makes it possible to avoid the use of specific PRM transport, or even public transport, which is often unsuitable for welcoming users with disabilities.
Unrivaled in the motorized quadricycle segment, Citroën Ami for All allows you to travel in complete autonomy, from 14 years oldeven if the user does not have a driving license.

Its dimensions make it easier to handle wheelchairs, and its height facilitates access on board.

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