what is the best way to charge your car?

Although there are more and more public terminals, charging will be easiest and least expensive at home. But what equipment should we have?

On a domestic outlet

It is possible to charge your vehicle directly from a domestic socket, using the vehicle cable, often supplied with the car.

But this domestic charge must be considered as a one-off emergency solution. This is in fact unsafe and can lead to overheating of the electrical installation.

Second big drawback, with a power output of only 2.7 kW, charging is very slow. It will take on average 23 hours of charging for a 60 kWh battery to charge to 100%.

The reinforced grip

The reinforced socket is a secure device offering a maximum charging power of 3.7 kW. A solution halfway between the domestic socket and the charging station, it avoids the risk of heating or worse, fire.

To recharge a 60 kWh battery, it will take approximately 17 hours. An electrician can install this reinforced socket.

A reinforced socket often costs less than €150 and the necessary circuit breaker around €100. Labor will be required for installation.

The Wallbox

Efficient, practical, secure, the Wallbox is an ideal solution for charging your electric car at home. Today, many models exist on the market with different powers.

It is estimated that the most efficient ones are capable of recharging an electric car to 80% in half a day. Wallboxes can be found between €400 and €1500 depending on the model, a price to which labor must be added.

How much does three-phase cost?

Switching your subscription from single-phase to three-phase in your home costs €150. But be careful, you will also have to add the cost of modifications to your electrical installation.

An amount that can quickly increase depending on your installation. Definitely ask for a quote before you get started. The price per kWh of electricity will be the same in single-phase as in three-phase.

This is the subscription which will be higher and can double according to your needs.

Where to buy your charging station?

Some car manufacturers offer offers for the purchase of an electric car and a tax credit is possible.

Home charging stations are available in single-phase current 7.4 kW (32 A), three-phase current 11 kW (16 A) or 22 kW (32 A).

Large retailers are entering this market, with Lidl offering 22 kW terminals for less than €500.

This is also the case for auto centers such as Norauto or Feu Vert or DIY stores such as Leroy Merlin.

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