Dacia Duster 3 price, find out where the star SUV is cheaper than us and it's quite surprising

Next June, the third generation of the Dacia Duster SUV will arrive in French dealerships. The entry-level version, that is to say with the Essential finish and the petrol/LPG engine, will be priced at €19,690.

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Where can you find a Duster cheaper than in France?

From one generation to the next, the length of the Dacia Duster has not changed. The SUV maintains a format of 4.34 m.© Dacia

But on the other side of the Pyrenees, the base price of the Dacia Duster is slightly lower. At the same level of equipment and engines, the Spanish Duster only costs €19,290. And if we stay on the Iberian Peninsula, on the Portuguese market, the Dacia Duster starts at €19,150. But you can find even cheaper if you cross the Rhine, with a Dacia Duster Essential LPG on the German market priced at €18,950.

Logically, in its country of origin, the SUV is assembled at the Mioveni plant, the list price is even more affordable. It is set at €18,800. But it's not the lowest price we've found. In Bulgaria, it is possible to scrounge up a few more euros with a base price of €18,763.

The dashboard of the base Dacia Duster has needle gauges and does not have a screen.
The dashboard of the base Dacia Duster has needle gauges and does not have a screen.© DR

The Dacia Duster seen by the AI: it’s up to you to judge!

Our Italian neighbors charge almost the same prices as us with the following price list: €19,700 for Essential, €21,400 for Expression and €22,900 for the Extreme and Journey finishes. Depending on the country, Dacia's local subsidiaries do not all adopt the same pricing policies depending on the finishing levels. In Portugal for example, there is only €1,600 difference between level 1 and level 2 compared to an average of €2,000 in other countries. But among our Lusitanian friends, the gap is logically reflected between level 2 and level 3.

Prices for the Dacia Duster (2024) in the main European markets

Essential Expression Extreme Journey
France Essential19,690 Expression21,600 Extreme23,100 Journey23,100
Spain Essential19,290 Expression21,390 Extreme22,890 Journey22,890
Portugal Essential19,150 Expression20,750 Extreme22,550 Journey22,550
Germany Essential18,950 Expression20,650 Extreme22,150 Journey22,150
Belgium Essential18,990 Expression20,990 Extreme23,990 Journey22,900
Italy Essential19,700 Expression21,400 Extreme22,900 Journey22,900
Romania Essential18,800 Expression20,000 Extreme21,500 Journey21,500
Bulgaria Essential18,763 Expression20,496 Extreme22,129 Journey22,129
Holland Essential25,590 Expression27,390 Extreme28,890 Journey29,390

When the Duster is more expensive than us

The Dacia Duster will arrive in dealerships in June 2024.
The Dacia Duster will arrive in dealerships in June 2024.© François Lemaur

Conversely, in the Netherlands, the new Duster is much more expensive. The Essential access version with the ECO-G 100 engine starts at €25,590, the Expression finish costs €27,390, in Extreme, the Dutch Duster starts at €28,890, and unlike other countries where the The price of the Journey finish is strictly identical to that of the Extreme, so you have to pay €29,390.

On the Swiss automobile market, the Dacia Duster will only be offered in its most upscale versions, namely Journey and Extreme powered by the TCE 130 engine, both priced from 24,290 Swiss Francs, the equivalent of €25,018. In England, Sweden and Poland, orders for the new Duster are not yet open; customers can express their interest in the model by filling out a form. In Ireland and Greece, it is not yet in the catalog, it is the Duster 2 which remains available.

The Renault Duster manufactured in the Bursa factory in Turkey and which will be marketed outside Western Europe.
The Renault Duster manufactured in the Bursa factory in Turkey and which will be marketed outside Western Europe.© DR

Finally, in Turkey, where it will be assembled in the Bursa factory and will be marketed under the Renault brand, the Duster is not yet offered or even visible in the configurator.

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