“Up to 30 km per day”, ACPV invents a solar tarpaulin to recharge electric cars

How could we recharge an electric car when it is not plugged in, or when we do not have a terminal near its parking space? This question, a couple of inventors, André and Jocelyne Sassi, are trying to answer it by inventing a solar cover. Presented during the 2021 edition of the Lépine competition, the automatic solar car cover offers an innovative solution. Sales of electric cars are exploding in France, and the €100 leasing recently proposed by the government should make this market grow a little further. But, what about charging stations? Concretely, they are not as numerous as they should be. There solar cover created by ACPVoltaïque could therefore offer an interesting alternative. Discovery.

How is this invention presented?

Integrated into the Gazelle car, the brand new small electric car designed by Gazelle Tech in Blanquefort (33), this cover is equipped with a photovoltaic film connected to the vehicle's battery. It deploys from the rear bumper to completely envelop the car when activated via remote control. Once stored, it fits discreetly in the rear bumper. Thanks to its photovoltaic panels, it allows the car to be recharged while it is parked outdoors. For the inventors of this solar cover, their product is an absolute necessity for the future.

Controlled by remote control, the cover deploys in a few seconds
Controlled by remote control, the cover deploys in a few seconds. Photo credit: ACPV / (YouTube video screenshot Formeret Group)

Why could the solar cover be a crucial issue for the future?

For inventors, the solar cover is a product that will become essential in the future. First of all, since the car recharges without external connection, it is a weapon against global warming, using only the sun as an energy source. On the other hand, as solar energy can be used on a large scale, it preserves public health, consequently reducing electricity production via nuclear power plants. On the vehicle side itself, it would extend the life of the batteries, since they are less required for electrical charges. Finally, if it were to be integrated into all vehicles, it would provide employment, because the manufacturing of the components necessary for the solar cover can entirely be carried out in France.

How do the first solar covers work?

With just one click on the remote control, a tarpaulin equipped with ASCA® organic photovoltaic film deploys in a few seconds, allowing the vehicle's batteries to be recharged. Its deployment is facilitated by the micro-rails integrated into the vehicle, and it can be integrated industrially into all vehicles during series assembly. ASCA® organic photovoltaic film, manufactured by the French company ARMOR, does not contain no rare metals or toxic products, unlike some photovoltaic panel technologies. Thanks to the use of new organic polymers and innovative production and assembly processes, the performance of ASCA® photovoltaic films improves every year.

A very innovative invention.A very innovative invention.
A very innovative invention. Photo credit: ACPV / (YouTube video screenshot Formeret Group)

What results for the Gazelle and its solar cover?

On the Gazelle, the current average load allows you to travel around 6,000 km in France each year, and this figure is expected to double in the years to come. If we compare the consumption of the electric cars of the future to that of the Gazelle (7.5 kWh/100 km), the photovoltaic film of the tarpaulin will allow solar autonomy for an average journey of 30 km per day In France. Which is generally the average distance traveled for those who use their electric vehicle to get to their workplace. Learn more? Go to the official website: ACPVoltaïque. What do you think of this invention? Give us your opinion, or share your experience with us. Please notify us of any errors in the text, click here to post a comment.

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