Electric cars: conquering the general public is still a challenge

Several automakers are seeing slowing growth in electric vehicle sales in North America, as the general public appears hesitant to make the jump from gasoline to electric.

The first wave of buyers were early adopters, tech savvy, connected and pro-environment. They quickly boughtexplain Deanne Millisondirector of government affairs at Ford Motor Company.

We are past this stage and are entering the next wave called the Early Majority. This concerns many more people who are thinking about buying a car, but still need to educate themselves before buying.

The automaker saw its electric car sales grow 80% between February 2023 and 2024, according to Deanne Millison. The anticipated increase for this segment this year is, however, much more modest, around 30%.

Better infrastructure and education

Toyota also expects a slowdown in its sales of electric vehicles. According to Amy Stanleyportfolio planning manager at Toyota North America, one reason comes from a standardization of supply chains.

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