this is what its interior will look like + images)

As the SU7 arrives in dealerships in China very soon, here is what the interior of this new electric car will look like.

Xiaomi has started the very first deliveries of its first electric car, namely the SU7.
The Chinese manufacturer took advantage of this to to unveil what the interior of the car will look like.

The reality conforms to the official photos

So an electric car particularly expected. The Xiaomi SU7 can quickly become a classic model zero emissions.
If the car has already shown itself in a few events, it was then impossible to see the inside of the latter.
The official launch of this new model in China is planned for March 29with all first deliveries to customers.
In order to raise temperaturethe Chinese manufacturer gives us a little more about this vehicle.
This time, it's the interior of the electric SU7 that we can observe. This is the first time that people exterior can enter the passenger compartment of the SU7.
The least we can say is that reality is very faithful to the virtual photos that were published ago a few weeks.
This is particularly the case for the central screen of 16.1 inches which can be found at the front, next to the dashboard.
But that's not all. In fact, we find two screens in the rear of the vehicle for maximum entertainment The passengers during the journey.

What do we find in the passenger compartment?

We find in this Life-size SU7an interior conforming to what was promised to us by the Chinese manufacturer.
Central screen 16.1 inches in the front, two screens available at the rear of the vehicle. These all simply attach to the headrests front seats.
Even if Xiaomi is banking on modernitywe find some old school touches in this electric vehicle.
This is particularly the case with the numerous physical buttons which are present in the passenger compartment of this model.
You will be able to manage the air conditioning, the electric fin rear, the height of the suspensions or the Start/Stop button.
Finishes are interesting since we find Nappa leather on the seats. It is also possible to adjust the seats to your liking.
Finally the European market will not be disoriented since we find a style typical. Xiaomi is indeed inspired by work former engineers from BMW and Mercedes.

An upcoming arrival in Europe?

Finally, the SU7 from Xiaomi offers high-end technology, thanks to its HyperOS system.
For the record, it is exactly the same system which can be found on the latest smartphones from the Xiaomi brand. The vehicle is also equipped with a chip Snapdragon 8295.
The marketing of this very first model from Xiaomi is scheduled for April 28, in China. On the other hand, the price list of the model is still unknown.
An important step for the Chinese group which hopes to become a pillar of electric mobility in a future more or less close.
This is why Xiaomi hopes get started internationally quite quickly. Despite everything, the SU7 will not arrive in France in the short term.
The Chinese manufacturer is first waiting for feedback from the Chinese market on its model before embarking on a larger-scale project.
Finally, this sedan will be equipped with an electric motor of 220kWwhich is the equivalent of 295 horsepower.
Note that the versions SU7 Pro and SU7 Max will have two engines. A die 220kW and the other of 275kWfor a cumulative power of 660 horsepower.

It remains to be seen the price of this electric car, while the price war rages in Europe.

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