here are the new prices for the electric SUV in France

It's now official. Prices of the Tesla Model Y have just increased in France. As the manufacturer announced a few days ago on its X account dedicated to the European market, the entry ticket for the electric SUV increases by a few thousand euros.

tesla model y price
Credits: Tesla

This increase was expected, we now have confirmation. As a reminder, just a few days ago on X, Tesla Europe announced an increase in the price of the Model Y in several countries on the Old Continent. The question now was how much.

€2,000 more on all Model Ys

From now on, the Model Y in its Propulsion version is priced from €44,990, i.e. €2,000 more. This entry-level variant has a range of 455 km in the WLTP mixed cycle, a maximum speed of 217 km/h and features standard 19″ Gemini rims. Unsurprisingly, the price also climbs on other versions of the brand's flagship electric SUV.

So, the bill rises to €51,990 for the Model Y Grande Autonomie, compared to €49,990 previously. As its name suggests, this version has a greater range, namely 533 km in the WLTP mixed cycle. As for the high end, the Model Y Performancehis entry ticket is now set at €57,990 against €55,990. Also having a better range than the Propulsion (514 km), this model obviously stands out for its superior performance: maximum speed of 250 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds.

Increasingly tough competition

As a reminder, the price of the Model Y was revised downwards in January 2024. But according to Elon Musk, this was a temporary price reduction, necessary to stimulate sales during this period when demand was lower . However, this new price increase may not work in Tesla's favor. For good reason, competition is increasingly tough in the electric SUV segment.

Peugeot intends to establish itself with its new e-3008. Offered at the same price, namely €44,990, the Sochaux SUV displays lower performance, but promises a greater range of 525 km compared to 455 km for the American. Recently, the Model Y also saw another major opponent arrive on the market: the Renault Scenic e-Tech.

In its Evolution version, the latest addition to the Diamond brand is priced at €39,990, or €5,000 less than the Model Y. Less well equipped and less powerful, the Scenic could, however, challenge the reign of the Model Y In its E-Tech 220 Ch Long Autonomy variant. Priced at €44,990, this model has numerous options and promises a significant range of action of 625 km.

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