Barbezieux: Cyril Magnan carbides for old cars

It all started ten years ago when his father died: “We had a joint project of restoring an old car, and when he suddenly passed away, I decided in his memory to do it by buying a 1987 Austin mini. And That’s how I got the idea by rebuilding the carburetor. »

In this adventure, Cyril Magnan came into contact with collectors on the Web, and realized that there was a significant demand, he then began to find and sell parts, and began to receive carbuses to restore. Before recently declaring himself self-employed and creating his business page on the internet (1).

“I like the complexity of this automobile component, each carburetor has its own history, even if there is a universal operating logic. The most difficult thing is sometimes finding parts; for example, I have joints redone by a specialist in Alsace,” he explains.

Vineyard worker

For now, I am passionate about carrying out my two activities.

As carburetors have almost all disappeared with the all-injection of modern cars, Cyril Magnan is now in great demand, including from abroad. As in Belgium, “with quite a few Volkswagen Cox carbs, and I even have a customer in Slovakia who asked me for a rare Triumph Bond Gt4S”.

Certain models, such as a Lotus Élan from a collector from Dordogne, imported from the United States, even required him to equip himself with specific tools for Stromberg carbs, unearthed in Norway!

The enthusiast is open to all types of cars, even if he confesses to having a more particular affinity for the beautiful English ones, “like the Jaguar Type E, the Aston Martin DB 5, clearly these are prestigious and refined cars and sports”.

So, faced with the growing demand, up to three carburetors to be looked after per week, the question could arise for the self-employed to take the plunge and make it their profession. Especially since he has good contacts with local collectors' clubs, such as the old jarnacais steering wheels or the auto-retro Barbezieux: “Eight years ago, I retrained professionally as a wine worker and, quite frankly, I like this outdoor work and the work of the vineyard with its seasonality. So for now, I am passionate about carrying out my two activities,” he explains. So, during the day he fuels in the vineyard and in the evening, sometimes until late, he distils his carbs. “But fortunately my wife still manages to slow me down…” he smiles


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