Sales of diesel cars are collapsing in France, electric cars are attracting consumers

Sales of diesel cars are experiencing a drastic fall in France and the European Union. At the same time, more and more motorists are falling for new electric vehicles in France.

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Has the climate emergency worried motorists less since the start of the year? Sales of electric cars in Europe were doubled by those of diesel vehicles last January.

A surprising observation which in no way resembles that of February. The Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (Acea) reveals that over the past month, sales of diesel cars are declining drastically in France and Europe.

Sales of diesel cars are declining in France and Europe, electric cars are on the rise

In its February 2024 report, Acea indicates that sales of new cars in the European Union increased by 10.1%. for a total of 883,608 models sold. Sales of electric vehicles remain stable and represent a market share of 12%, compared to 29% for plug-in hybrid cars and 48.4% for gasoline and diesel cars combined.

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This last figure is a bit of a sham, since the market for petrol cars in the EU grew by 6.1% while diesel sales fell 5.1% in February. Acea notes a drastic drop of 30.5% in France. In total, 113,891 diesel cars were sold in Europe for a market share of 12.9%, compared to 15% in February 2023.

A very different dynamic from that of the electric market, which increases by 31.8% in France. Proof that despite ups and downs, electric cars continue to appeal. With the ban on buying a car with a thermal engine (petrol or diesel) in the European Union slowly approaching, there is nothing surprising.

These last weeks, manufacturers continue to present new electric vehicles. In January, BYD unveiled the Seal U, an SUV meant to compete with the Tesla Model Y in Europe. Next September, motorists will be able to obtain the Renault 5 E-Tech, which is banking on its affordable price to attract consumers.

  • Acea reveals that sales of diesel cars fall by 5.1% in February 2024 in the EU
  • The decline is even more significant in France, where they fall by 30.5%.
  • Electricity is doing very well in the EU and in the Heaxgone (+ 31.8%)

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