IN BRIEF – The first electric Bentley postponed, a noisy electric Ferrari and the last thermal Audi in 2026

In the dry landscape of automotive news, there are sometimes glimmers of hope that spice things up. Between the rumors or the little information that car manufacturers give, it is time to briefly summarize three news stories seen in recent days. And as you are now used to it, we are going to talk about electric…

At a time when more and more brands are being pushed to invest in electricity, despite a demand that does not follow, some knowingly choose to begin this transition, while others turn back. In all cases, European standards and sanctions accelerate the process of electrification of the vehicle fleet.

And even major manufacturers are forced to offer electric and hybrid versions of their flagship models, or even to offer completely new vehicles. In this article, we focus on three of them, each of which has a different approach. Bentley postpones the arrival of its first 100% electric model, Ferrari declares that its electric car will have a soul and finally Audi reiterates its desire to release its latest thermal car in 2026.

Bentley backtracks

Originally, it was expected for 2025, but ultimately, the first electric Bentley will appear a year later, in 2026. This raises questions about the brand's desire to fully electrify its fleet. by 2030, as it announced a few years ago. It was Autocar journalists who spoke with Adrian Hallmark, boss of Bentley. The latter allegedly told them that the first deliveries to customers will not begin until 2027.

Before even considering an entirely electric range, the British manufacturer intends to offer all of its models in a hybrid version. To replace the W12 which is leaving the adventure, it is possible to imagine a twin-turbo V8 engine, like that of the Panamera hybrid. Note that certain models such as the Flying Spur and the Bentayga already exist in plug-in hybrid versions.

A battery-powered prancing horse

With two recent models offered in hybrid versions, the 296 and the SF90, Ferrari continues its momentum with the presentation in 2025 of a 100% electric model. According to the CEO of the prancing horse brand, Benedetto Vigna, this car will “ stir the emotions ”, as much as the thermal models that have been produced in the past. Still according to him, it is possible to “ do a lot of things with electricity, when you know the technology “, before adding that electric cars are not necessarily silent.

The idea would therefore be to transmit all kinds of emotions to future customers, accustomed to the brand's cars. Because according to Vigna, the electric Ferrari will be completely different from other electric cars on the market, accentuating the emotional side, rather than the functional side. We can therefore imagine, a bit like the electric Dodge Charger, hearing the Ferrari roar, despite the absence of a thermal engine.

Audi says goodbye to thermal

Despite demand that does not necessarily follow, the German manufacturer Audi intends to continue its bet on electric vehicles. According to recent statements from Gernot Döllner, its CEO, the latest thermal model will see the light of day in 2026, thus ending a long love story. But don't worry, it would be marketed until 2033, when the brand with the four rings will want to be 100% electric.

Recently, Audi invested in a thermal platform, called PPC (Premium Platform Combustion), which will be found on the latest A5 and Q5. By the end of 2025, the German manufacturer has confirmed its intention to launch around twenty new or updated vehicles.

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