Taycan Turbo GT & GT Weissach: On the road, it's the ultimate electric shock!

Porsche is once again pushing the limits of electric performance with the arrival of new Taycan Turbo GT And Taycan Turbo GT with pack Weissach. These models, which enrich the brand's range of fully electric sports sedans, demonstrate Porsche's commitment to providing unparalleled driving experiences, combining performance, technology and sustainability.

THE Taycan Turbo GT with pack Weissach has just written his name in history by achieving a remarkable feat on the circuit Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca in California. Barely available on the market, this electric car already holds a record: on February 23, 2024, Lars Kern, development driver at Porsche, set the fastest lap ever achieved by an electric model approved for the road, by covering the circuit in 1 minute and 27.87 seconds. This feat confirms Porsche's position as a pioneer in electric performance.

THE Taycan Turbo GT And Taycan Turbo GT with pack Weissach push the limits of Taycan to new heights. They complete the German manufacturer's range of 100% electric sports sedans. THE Taycan Turbo GT pack Weissach embodies the pinnacle of Porsche engineering, with even greater precision and agility. Featuring acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.2 seconds and a top speed of 305 km/h, the vehicle promises an unforgettable driving experience. With a more efficient pulse inverter, both models develop a nominal power of 580 kW, with the possibility of reaching up to 760 kW in overboost mode.

Designed specifically for circuits, the Taycan Turbo with pack Weissach is distinguished by the absence of rear seats, thus optimizing its weight/power ratio. With peak power exceeding 1,100 horsepower, weight and aerodynamic optimization ensures exceptional driving dynamics for both sports cars GT 100% electric. Thanks to intelligent construction techniques, the Taycan Turbo GT offers a reduced weight of up to 75 kg compared to the Taycan Turbo Swhile maintaining a suspension Porsche Active Ride specially tuned and high-performance standard equipment. THE Taycan Turbo GT with pack Weissach redefines the standards of automotive performance, with its mode Intuitive attack providing up to 120 kW of additional power for 10 seconds. This exceptional cornering grip ensures a controllable and light ride, providing a dynamic driving experience on the track.

On the outside, the design of Taycan Turbo GT is carefully refined to combine aerodynamics and premium aesthetics, with carbon fiber details and exclusive paint finishes. You can also opt for the program Paint to Sample of Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur for additional customization. Porsche has designed a specific front spoiler for the Taycan Turbo GT, accompanied by distinctive aeroblades. At the rear, there is an adaptable spoiler with a removable edge decorated with a flap Gurney in shiny carbon. The fog lights Matrix LED are standard, with an option at no extra cost to upgrade to headlights Matrix LEDs HD on the Taycan Turbo GT.

On the side, several elements are made of carbon fiber, while the side window trims are painted glossy black. In comparison with the Taycan Turbo and the Taycan Turbo STHE Taycan Turbo GT adopts a sportier appearance, proudly displaying the Porsche badge on the front hood and the light alloy wheel covers. In addition, the logo “Turbo GT” on the rear cover is painted matte black. THE Taycan Turbo GT offers a palette of six exterior colors, with exclusive options like Pale Blue Metallic and Sky Violet Metallic.

Inside of Taycan Turbo GTthe sporty atmosphere is in the spotlight with standard full bucket seats and leather finishes Race-Tex black. Lovers of personalization can opt for exclusive interior equipment with contrasting tones in Volt Blue Or GT Silver, adding an extra touch of refinement. These models also offer an impressive range, up to 555 km depending on measurements WLTP, combining performance and endurance. With an active chassis adjustment system Porsche Active Ride supplied as standard, the Taycan Turbo GT And Taycan Turbo GT with pack Weissach offer an unparalleled driving experience. From 246,538 euros.

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