Nissan's big recovery plan

In order to successfully implement its Ambition 2030 vision, the manufacturer Nissan is today formalizing a brand new plan aimed at generating value and strengthening its competitiveness. Her name : The Arc. The latter is intended to be a bridge between the Nissan NEXT transformation plan, which runs from fiscal year 2020 to fiscal year 2023, and Nissan Ambition 2030, the company's long-term vision.

Nissan going all out on electric (but not only)

Concretely, by the end of the 2026 financial year, Nissan is targeting no less than one million additional sales (compared to the 2023 financial year), which would increase its operating margin to more than 6%. Through targeted partnerships and increased competitiveness of electric vehicles, this would lead to a revenue potential of 2.5 trillion yen by the year 2030.


For this, Nissan plans to launch 30 new models over the next three years, of which 16 will be electrified and 14 will be thermal models. According to the manufacturer, this aims to “meet varied customer needs in markets where the pace of electrification differs“. In total, 34 electrified models will be launched between fiscal years 2024 and 2030, to cover all segments.

Six new models in Europe

In Europe, Nissan plans to launch six completely new models, with a 40% share of electric models in passenger vehicle sales. By 2030, Nissan also hopes to be able to reduce the cost of next-generation electric vehicles by 30%, and achieve cost parity between electric vehicles and thermal models.

The Arc plan shows our path to the future. It illustrates our continued progress and our ability to adapt to changing market conditions. This plan will allow us to go further and faster in terms of value creation and competitiveness” explains Makoto Uchida, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nissan.

Nissan Arc 2

Nissan also promises improved batteries, with NCM, LFP and solid-state Li-ion technologies, to offer electric vehicles meeting different customer needs. Nissan will obviously continue to leverage its alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors, and promises to explore new partnerships in Japan and the United States.

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