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Thailand’s 560 Billion Baht Economic Stimulus Plan, Explained
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Thailand’s 560 Billion Baht Economic Stimulus Plan, Explained – The Diplomat

  Advertisement After months of political maneuvering, negotiations, coalition-building, and the return of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Thailand’s new government is starting to settle in and unveil some of its actual policy plans. And if recent announcements by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin are any indication, this governing coalition has some very bold and (for …

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Thousands march from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to protest Israeli government’s judicial overhaul plan

JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underwent surgery to implant a pacemaker on Sunday ahead of a debate in parliament on a controversial judicial overhaul bill that has brought tens of thousands of protesters to the streets. The judicial revamp proposed by Netanyahu’s hard-right government has split the nation and sparked one of the biggest …

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US and India agree defense cooperation plan

The United States and India agreed on a roadmap for military-industrial cooperation on Monday, as New Delhi seeks to reduce its reliance on Russian weaponry and amid tensions with Beijing. “We have set out an ambitious new roadmap for defense industrial cooperation that will accelerate priority co-development and co-production projects,” Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of …