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Tesla is currently rolling out a new version of its automatic parking system, Autopark, for car models without ultrasonic sensors. Thus, new vehicles equipped only with cameras can benefit from it.

Tesla autopark Model automatic parking autopilot
Credit: Tesla

Tesla has started rolling out a new version of its automatic parking system, Autopark. With this update, even models equipped only with cameras can take advantage of the feature. After the Tesla update that makes you forget Waze, this one should make you forget the shame of a missed slot.

In fact, since Tesla got rid of ultrasonic sensors in its vehicles, the manufacturer relies solely on cameras for parking assistance functions. The most recent models therefore found themselves without Autopark when it was deployed in 2022. This is now corrected.

Automatic parking is coming to new Teslas

Two years later, Tesla is finally starting to integrate automatic parking into its most recent vehicles. Obviously the wait was worth it. The functionality has been completely revised and seems very different from that present on Teslas equipped with ultrasonic proximity sensors.

First of all, the parking spaces are highlighted differently. The driver just has to stop the vehicle, select a location on the screen and let himself be carried by the car which automatically parks. Of course you have to keep your hands on the wheel, as with all of Tesla's automated features, such as its Autopilot which earned it a lawsuit.

On X (Twitter), a user shares a video of his Tesla Model Y with this improved Autopilot, using the functionality newly integrated into his vehicle. Parking is now child's play:

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After being reserved for Tesla employees, the Vision Autopark function is now being rolled out to a larger number of testers. This is Tesla software version 2024.2.12.

Last week, update 2024.8.4 brought other interesting features to Tesla Model 3 and Model Y from 2021 or later: the activation of adaptive lights seen on the Model 3 Highland. This technology makes it possible to adapt the light beam of the headlights according to traffic conditions, for better visibility and safer driving.

  • Tesla is rolling out a new version of its Autopark feature for cars with ultrasonic sensors.
  • This new system relies solely on the camera system of the new Teslas.
  • These can now park automatically via a simple interface.

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