Recovering your car from impound now costs a little more

Impound fee rates for private cars saw their first increase in four years this Friday, March 1.
Collection costs will now be the same in all cities in France, whereas until now they were higher in Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse.
Parisian prices, higher than in the rest of France, remain the same.

Watch out for that yellow line that you may not have paid attention to before parking. Because to get your vehicle out of the impound lot, it will now cost you a little more. A decree published in the Official Journal on February 20 and entered into force on March 1 increases the prices charged for four years. The novelty ? The amount of the check will be the same for the collection of private cars throughout France, except Paris, to reach 127.65 euros.


A difference previously applied to Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse, “whose population is greater than 400,000 inhabitants, from which more than 15,000 vehicles are removed annually, whose length of public roads exceeds 500 kilometers and whose number of parking spaces, free or paid, is greater than 15,000”, specifies the text of the law. The removal of a vehicle from the impound lot was until now 126 euros. It was 121.27 euros in other municipalities in France. The daily care increases to 6.75 euros for the latter, compared to 6.42 in 2020. It remains 10 euros in the large cities mentioned above.

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It is in Paris that motorists pay the most for inconvenient parking. Prices have not changed, but remain higher than elsewhere. Allow 150 euros for collection and 29 euros for daily custody. Enough to encourage you to check three times that the vehicle is parked in the right place.

In the event of impoundment, it is better to present yourself within three days following collection with the vehicle's insurance certificate and valid driving license to avoid the car being considered abandoned, sold or even destroyed. If you collect your vehicle the same day, you will have to pay for collection and daily custody, i.e. 137.65 euros in Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse, 179 euros in the capital and 134.40 everywhere else.

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