These models cross the 300,000 km mark without flinching

Looking for a reliable used car? Our guide to the 10 models that cover 300,000 km without problem will help you make the right choice.

On the used car market, the range of options is wide, but not all models are equal. For a vehicle to reach 300,000 km without problem, it is essential to check its history. In fact, highway journeys are less demanding on the mechanics and allow the engine to operate at an optimal temperature, unlike urban journeys carried out in the cold.
It is also crucial to ensure that maintenance has been carried out carefully, including regular changes of the engine oil and gearbox, changing of filters or even the distribution kit, respecting the recommended times. However, beyond use, choosing a model known to be reliable will save you many inconveniences: here is our list of 10 tireless models !

The city dwellers

There Citroën C3 is one of the most recognized city cars: introduced in 2009, its second generation is an example of durability, especially if you choose the “TU” gasoline engine, known for its resistance. It is available in a 1.1 liter 60 horsepower version, but also in 1.4 liters of 75 horsepower : the latter is recommended, because it is more powerful and offers more sophisticated finishes than the basic model.
You will also find this type of engine in its cousin, the Peugeot 207, which is also renowned for its reliability: if you prefer a diesel engine, avoid the 1.6 liter HDi with 110/112 horsepower. The wisest choice would be 1.6 liter HDi with 90/92 horsepowerwhich does not present the same problems as its more powerful counterpart.

The compacts

In the compact car segment, Honda stood out in 2013 by offering a 10-year or 1 million kilometer warranty on the Honda Civic 9 equipped with 1.6-liter, 120-horsepower i-DTEC diesel engine. The Japanese manufacturer made a wise choice, because this model is exemplarily reliable and stands out for its great fuel economy: 5.1 l/100 km.
Among other Japanese cars, the Mazda 3 worth the drive, achieving impressive mileages with no mechanical issues. This model stands out for the quality of its structure and a superior level of equipment. Opt for the Elegance model from 2006-2009, equipped with the gasoline engine of 1.6 liters and 105 horsepower.
If you have a preference for German cars, the Volkswagen Golf V from 2006-2008 and its TDI engine 1.9 liters and 90 horsepower is a good choice. This model does not have the problems encountered by its more powerful variants. Additionally, prices are currently reasonable, with the overvaluation of diesel Volkswagens having fallen following the dieselgate scandal.

The family

If you are looking for a family sedan, the Toyota Prius III is an inevitable choice, despite its potentially divisive design. Prefer a revamped version from 2012-2013, equipped with the hybrid engine of 136 horsepower. It is distinguished by its solidity and longevity, as well as its sobriety. However, a small downside for its quality of finish, rather low-end because of the recycled plastics.
More sober but solid, the BMW 3 Series from 2006-2007, equipped with 330i gasoline engine of 256 horsepower, is powered by the Bavarian manufacturer's famous in-line six-cylinder engine. Opt for the Luxury version, which offers the best quality/price ratio on the second-hand market.
If you prefer a break, the Volvo V60 from 2011-2012equipped with engine five-cylinder 2.4-liter diesel with 163 horsepower, is very solid and offers pleasant driving comfort. The Momentum versions or the special Ocean Race Edition are safe choices.
At the house of Audithe station wagon A4 Front of the “B8” generation is a good option with the 3.0 liter V6 TDI diesel engine with 204 horsepower. Despite a classic, even austere, design, the model is practical and pleasant to drive.

If you are looking for an inexpensive family station wagon, the Dacia Logan MCV from 2011-2012 equipped with 1.5 liter dCi with 90 horsepower is an inevitable choice: you will certainly not choose it for its quality of finish or its style, but for its record trunk volume of 652 liters, as well as for its proven diesel engine which is not subject to any criticism.

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