spare parts are super expensive!

If you've just woken up, you might think your brain is still foggy, and your eyes aren't yet clear. And yet, no, you are not dreaming (anymore…).

The idea of ​​this 7 hour starter (you noticed, we moved it forward by an hour…) came to me a few weeks ago. Upon receiving an email which presented us with a new website, dedicated to spare parts for the Citroën AMI. Its name:

Then I let it slide a little, but I decided to bring out the info for you today. Except that in the meantime, the chevron brand has obviously gone that way, and from, the site has become! Haha, yes, quite funny. The language is therefore less harsh, but the “FRIEND” of discord (or so we imagine…) has disappeared.

The fact remains that the content is exactly the same, and the surprises intact. But what surprises are we talking about? Well, those which concern the price of the original parts of the small electric car without a license, the darling of French teenagers, swarming in high school car parks.

As a reminder, its new price is between €7,990 and €9,190. Not nothing, but affordable compared to the (few) competition. We can then imagine that with such a low new price, the parts would also be affordable, whether they are worn or not. Indeed, one might think that there is no need to have, for example, competition braking parts to stop the car launched at 45 km/h, and that reasonably priced elements are mounted on the machine.

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Original solid gold parts

Nay! For example, original manufacturer brake pads are sold for €127.10 for two pairs! Overpriced, when we know that the 4 front pads for a Renault Clio 5 1.0 TCe, from Bosch or Valeo, cost between €87 and €93…

The pair of discs must be in solid gold, because they are invoiced, when it is the original piece, €265.08! It's more expensive than two Brembo front discs for the same Clio 5 (€233, but €114 for Bosch). See the following table for other price examples for other parts. Yes yes, you are wide awake… Wouldn't Citroën make money with prices like this?

Piece Price for an original part Price for an adaptable part
Front brake pads €127.10 €31.90
Front brake discs €265.08 €41.90
Brake master cylinder €224.28 n.c.
Front brake caliper €311.95 n.c.
Front brake hose €61.45 €29.90
Gimbal €516.70 n.c.
Headlight or taillight €189.50 n.c.
Mirror €39 n.c.
Front or rear bumper €453.60 n.c.

These prices are comparable, and sometimes even higher, to what is charged for “real cars”… The bill in the event of replacement, or following a collision/accident will be as surprising as it is painful.

Fortunately, for certain parts, an “adaptable” alternative exists, as is often the case for licensed cars, which allows you to drastically reduce the bill! And which suggests that Citroën is making huge margins on parts that are more or less identical… And besides, we can talk about Citroën, but also Opel and Fiat, because the parts are also very logically adapted to the 'E-Rocks and the Topolino, except for what concerns the Fiat body.

It's not advertising in the least, but if you want to take a look at the site in question, it's here:

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