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Queensland man fined for feeding dingoes on K’Gari as rangers urge visitors to be safe these school holidays

  A Queensland man has been fined more than $2,000 for deliberately feeding two dingoes on K’Gari (Fraser Island), prompting calls from wildlife rangers for people to stay away from the apex predator. Key points: A man has been fined after he deliberately enticed and fed two dingoes on K’Gari (Fraser Island) Rangers say deliberately interacting with the …

Travel in Australie

British-Australian man jailed in Philippines claims authorities fabricated evidence | Philippines

  An internationally respected British public health consultant, who has been in Philippines jails for more than two years on what he says are fabricated drugs charges, is taking on the country’s main drug enforcement agency, making allegations of fabricated evidence, theft and corruption. Sixty-year-old Elden Chamberlain was Thursday due to open his defence case …