Tesla: still a few days to take advantage of a great promotion on the Model 3

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Excluded from the French ecological bonus, Tesla's Model 3 has lost its splendor on the sales front. The American car manufacturer tried to rectify the situation with a significant discount, of the same amount as the ecological bonus, on its in-stock electric sedan. But be careful, this offer will end soon.

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– To compensate for the loss of the ecological bonus, Tesla applies a discount of 4,000 euros on its Model 3.

If you want to buy a Tesla, now might be the time. While the American car manufacturer will increase the prices of its Model Y by 2,000 euros at the end of the week, it has conversely offered, since the end of February, a nice commercial discount on another of its vehicles. The restyled 100% electric Model 3 sedan is on sale at an unbeatable price on the brand's website, thanks to a discount of 4,000 euros on new basic models in the RWD version in stock. The first model, without options, with a range of 513 kilometers since its restyling, is thus accessible today at 38,990 euros, instead of 42,990 euros previously. This discount, called the “Tesla bonus”, is only valid for new cars ordered until March 28, 2024, for immediate collection from the dealership. This cheapest model at 38,990 euros is only available in Clermont-Ferrand, in Puy-de-Dôme. Other models, with more equipment and options, are also affected by a discount, however less than 4,000 euros, and they are available in other cities.

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Discounts to counteract the State and its ecological bonus

Also note that Tesla applies a discount of up to more than 8,000 euros on so-called demonstration Model 3s (vehicles with few kilometers on the odometer), such as for example a basic Propulsion version, which has driven only 5,997 km , accessible at a price of 45,020 euros instead of 52,490 euros initially. You can browse the online catalog, in the Model 3 tab.

With these huge discounts, Tesla is seeking to counterbalance the French government's decision to deprive it of its aid for the purchase of electric vehicles. Indeed, since the entry into force of the new ecological bonus with eco-score last December, the Model 3 is no longer eligible for this aid of 4,000 euros (7,000 euros for the most modest households), as it is manufactured outside the borders of Europe, in China. With the discounts granted by Tesla, the prices of the Model 3 are aligned with the price of the Model Y, which is entitled to the ecological bonus because it is produced in Germany). The Model 3 is even more accessible than its direct competitor, the BMW i4, (available from 57,000 euros), and is closer to another rival in France, the Renault Mégane E-Tech, eligible for the ecological and accessible bonus from 34,000 euros.

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