The Electric Test Days show goes on national tour again

For the fifth consecutive year, the Electric Test Days show returns to the French public to test the latest models of electric cars. After last year's success, seven dates have been planned with the support of local dealers and manufacturers.

Distribution groups are the main facilitators of Electric Test Days. ©Make a Move

On the road again! Like every year since 2020, the Make a Move company will organize the Electric Test Days trade show. Using the formula implemented last year, several meetings will be held across France. To date, seven dates have been validated for the traveling event which promotes electric cars to consumers by allowing them to test the latest models.

And the tour will begin in Bordeaux on April 7, 2024. It will continue in Nantes (June 9), Rouen (June 24) and Paris (June 30). After the summer break, the convoy will head to Lille (September 8), Angers (September 22) and Toulouse (date to be defined). “We are studying ways to cover the South“, slides Yann Azrangeneral director of Make a Move.

The most perceptive will have noticed that all meetings will still be held on Sundays only. A choice assumed by the organization. “The remark was made to us by the partnersexplains the organizer. But we do not want to compete with dealers. However, they generally have customers on Saturdays“.

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The Make a Move project therefore always involves automobile distributors and manufacturers. On the first date, in Bordeaux, the show will be held at the Matmut Atlantique stadium, with the groups EdenAuto (thirteen marks), Sipa (eight brands), DBF (two brands), From Boussac (two brands), BPM (a brand), as well as Tesla.

The race to rally dealers has begun. The aim is to achieve the greatest completeness in terms of brands marketed in France during each of the dates. By 2023, across the entire cycle, Electric Test Days organizers had recorded more than 2,500 prequalified test requests. “Each prospect must be individually validated during a telephone exchange to formalize their appointment“, specifies the organizer.

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At the request of last year's partners, the system has evolved. From now on, each stand exhibits one car, while two other examples are reserved for road tests. An approach which should allow the statistics to soar.

Another point on which Make a Move has developed: partnerships with charging specialists. Last year, an exclusive contract was signed with a terminal supplier. In 2024, the approach changes. It will be more local. At each event, one or two service providers from the region will be able to come and present their solutions to potential customers.

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