what is its lifespan?

A question we ask ourselves when buying an electric car: what is its potential lifespan?

The electric car begins to take an important place in the automobile fleet French.
However, there are still many questions around this technology. They mainly come from autonomy of the car and the lifespan of battery. Fortunately, the Auto-Journal to all the answers for you !

Zoom on the battery!

Lifetime of a car is greatly linked to that of battery. This is why we are going to see what directly impacts longevity, life expectancy of the latter.
To find out more, you must take into account the cycles charging and discharging a battery.
In total, in her life, she will be able to achieve between 1000 and 1500 recharge cycles. This therefore corresponds to a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years old. Values ​​which correspond to the use of the electric car for 20,000 kilometers in one year.
Calculating correctly, this means that with just one and same batteryyou can perform between 200,000 And 500,000 kilometers.
Obviously, there is various factors to take into account when we want to know lifetime of a battery.
This means that we must also look the conditions of use of the car, the thermal conditions, your driving but also natural aging drums.

What about the electric motor?

A battery will therefore last between 10 and 15 years olddepending in particular on the number of recharge cycles.
Once you have passed this delaybe aware that the battery capacity will gradually decrease.
Concretely, the car will still be able to drive, but will no longer be able to do journeys as long as at the beginning of his life.
There will certainly come a time when it will be necessary change it. In this case, look at what the warranty offers. your manufacturer. Generally, it offers a guarantee of up to 8 years Or 160,000 kilometers.
At the same time, what about the electric motor, the other element essential for a zero-emission car?
The latter is much more resistant than battery. In fact, the engine can run for at least 50 years. A valid figure if you travel between 30 and 40 km per day or 20,000 km per year.
For comparison, it's much more than an engine of a petrol carwhich rarely exceeds the 250,000 kilometers.

Some tips to increase lifespan

If lifetime does not satisfy you, know that it is possible, thanks to a few gesturesto increase it any further.
For this, you can adopt what we call: “eco-driving”. It is simply a matter of adopting a fairly soft and regular.
This means not accelerating brutal, For example. This behavior will improve longevity, life expectancy battery and components electrical.
The same goes for braking. Prioritize the engine brake to improve sustainability of the different components.
It is also important not to leave your electric car off for too long a period. In fact this cause damage your battery. Therefore, favor a use frequent.
For recharging, there is also certain gestures to adopt. This is the case for the use of slow charging whether at home or on a public terminal rather than recharging fast. Here again, you will extend further lifetime of your battery and therefore of your electric car.

By having these reflexes you will increase duration of use of your car, while reducing your impact on the environment.

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