this important update will make you forget Waze, here’s why

Good news for Tesla drivers in France. The latest update from the Californian manufacturer brings a highly anticipated feature: the display of danger zones on the car's central screen. Exit Waze and its sometimes intrusive sound alerts, Tesla now offers an elegant and effective native solution.

Tesla radar display
Tesla danger zone display © TeslaStars

You're here has finally deployed in France the long-awaited functionality for displaying danger zones on its vehicles. This update, the 2024.8.4advantageously replaces Waze for many drivers.

Tesla: danger zones finally available in France

In the absence ofApple CarPlay and D'Android Auto, many Tesla owners used Waze in parallel to be warned of danger zones. The new update puts an end to this gymnastics by displaying an icon directly on the central screen indicating the presence of a danger zone.

As you know, French legislation prohibits the precise display of speed camera locations. Tesla gets around this restriction by simply stating entering and exiting a danger zonewith an accuracy of a few tens of meters.

If the visual display is welcome, there is still an important element missing: the audible alert. As it stands, drivers must monitor the screen carefully so as not to miss a danger zone. Maybe a future update will fix this?

Despite some limitations, this update is a major step forward for Tesla drivers in France. The removal of the Waze application for danger zone alerts will be a significant gain in comfort for some.

In addition to the danger zone display, update 2024.8.4 also brings another interesting feature for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y from 2021 or later: the activation of matrix lights. This technology makes it possible to adapt the light beam of the headlights according to traffic conditions, for better visibility and safer driving.

  • Tesla deploys the danger zone display functionality in France.
  • No more need for Waze for speed camera alerts and control zones.
  • Model 3 and Model Y from 2021 and later also benefit from the activation of matrix lights.

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