this new electric car for only 12,000 euros

BYD, a global leader in the field of electric vehicles, unveils its latest model, the e2 Honor Edition, in the Chinese market. This affordable electric car aims to meet the growing demand for clean mobility by offering honest autonomy at a very competitive price.

BYD launches its new model, the e2 Honor Edition, in China, offering a cost-effective mobility solution for consumers. Positioned as an affordable alternative to traditional gasoline vehicles, this electric car offers a range of around 400 km thanks to its lithium-ion battery. Packed with modern features such as a rotating screen and DiLink connectivity, it provides an enhanced user experience. Powered by a dynamic 70 kW motor, the e2 Honor Edition is part of the Ocean series with a distinctive design. With prices starting at around 11,400 euros, this initiative from BYD reflects its commitment to the democratization of electric mobility and the reduction of carbon emissions.

BYD e2 Honor Edition: Honest autonomy for a very fair price

BYD, one of the world's leading electric vehicle manufacturers, recently introduced its new model, the e2 Honor Edition, to the Chinese market. This new electric car is positioned as an affordable option for consumers looking for cost-effective mobility solutions. With an estimated price of around 12,000 euros in China, the e2 Honor Edition is designed to provide an accessible alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Its attractive price aims to encourage wider adoption of electric cars in the country, where there is growing demand for clean vehicles. BYD is therefore following in the footsteps of several European manufacturers, who in turn wish to launch inexpensive models to sell off as much stock as possible and thus democratize the electric car, sales of which have slowed in recent months. This new electric car from BYD is specially tailored to the needs of urban drivers, providing sufficient range for daily travel. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the e2 Honor Edition offers an ideal combination of energy efficiency and performance. According to the manufacturer, its range according to the Chinese approval cycle is around 400 km.

In addition to its competitive price, the e2 Honor Edition is packed with modern features to meet the demands of today's drivers. These features include the rotating screen, available in two sizes, DiLink connectivity and voice interaction systems, improving the user experience. Additionally, an 8.8-inch LCD instrument cluster completes the package, providing a user-friendly and informative interface.

BYD e2 Honor Edition: you get what you pay for

In terms of performance, the e2 is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 70 kW, providing dynamic and responsive driving for performance-minded drivers. The e2 Honor Edition fits into the Ocean series, with distinctive elements such as a closed grille and slim headlights. This model measures 4260mm long, 1760mm wide and 1530mm high. It provides comfortable space for passengers while maintaining a slim silhouette. Prices for this model range between 89,800 yuan (around 11,400 euros) and 96,800 yuan (around 12,300 euros). This edition marks an evolution compared to the previous e2, launched in April of the previous year. The most notable difference is in pricing, with a base model carrying a lower price compared to its predecessor. This aggressive pricing strategy reflects the intense competition in the electric vehicle sector.

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