What are the revolutionary French headlights of this new Chinese electric car for?

If we often talk about Zeekr on Frandroid, it's because their electric cars often integrate remarkable technologies. The Chinese brand, owned by the Geely group (like Volvo or smart, for example), has just revealed the first images of its next model which incorporates revolutionary headlights, developed by the French equipment manufacturer Valeo. Let’s go discover it.

Zeekr Mix // Source: Zeekr

How far gone are the days when Chinese cars were just pale copies of Western production. The country has brilliantly managed to take the turn towards electrification (even if this raises questions on the side of the European Union), and new electric cars made in China never stop innovating.

Among the manufacturers who are moving the lines, we find Zeekr. This young brand, owned by the Geely group (like Volvo, Polestar, smart or even Lotus), offers an already very mature range, and has just revealed the first images of its fifth model: a 100% electric van, called Mix. With, in the foreground, quite revolutionary headlights… and designed in France.

“Inspired by the Tiangong space station” (and by France)

It was on Weibo, the Chinese social network, that Zeekr posted the first photos of its new electric car. This Mix will therefore be a van, which looks a bit like the American Canoo, with very soft lines and a completely monovolume profile. The brand does not hesitate to announce an inspiration from “Tiangong space station”but everyone will make up their own mind.

Zeekr Mix // Source: Zeekr

What appealed to us much more is that this Mix uses the “Stargate” system inaugurated on the Zeekr 007, a frontal competitor of the Tesla Model 3, on its front. It is an LED screen that can illuminate in 16 gray levels and extends across the entire width of the front panel. You can choose different animations from the car's central screen, and even write personalized messages.

Cherry on the cake ? This Stargate screen was designed by Valeo, one of the world's largest automotive equipment manufacturers… and French, incidentally. We were also able to meet them at CES 2024, where they also presented a very promising induction charging system for electric vehicles.

Few technical details

The problem is that Zeekr hasn't communicated anything else about its new Mix, apart from these three images. The advantage is that our friends at the Chinese Ministry of Industry have, as usual, leaked the first information concerning this new electric car.

This Zeekr Mix should therefore be available at launch in two versions, both offered with a rear motor with a maximum power of 310 kW (421 hp). Two NMC (nickel – manganese – cobalt) type batteries will be available, but their capacities are currently unknown.

Zeekr Mix // Source: Zeekr

On the other hand, we know its dimensions: 4.69 m long (including 3.01 m between the wheels), 1.99 m wide and 1.75 m high. This could make it compatible with marketing in Europe, where Zeekr already sells its 001 sedan (which has just been further improved) and its X crossover in a few markets.

Zeekr should also arrive in France in the coming months, according to one of its spokespersons. On the other hand, no mention is made of its marketing date, or even its price. We will keep you informed.

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